maniamania004 by little fashion bird
maniamania004, a photo by little fashion bird on Flickr.

Woah Bambi!

Thinner and more manicured brows have been in style for far too long. Thank goodness Bambi Northwood came on to the scene and brought fuller eyebrows back!

Personally, I believe that fuller and thicker brows make you look more youthful as well as soften your face; who doesn't want to lookfeminineand young?

Ladies, its time we embraced our inner bushman brown! Put the tweezers down and skip a few waxing appointments, go au natural!!!

Obviously not all of us are born with fantastically full brows, so if you're lacking a bit in the brow department and want to give thicker brows a go, try filling them in with a brow pencil or powder; Too Faced and Benefit have fantastic products.