As a child, I can remember summer days filled with creating unique embroidery floss bracelets for myself and my friends. Now that I'm a little bit older, I'm looking for unique ways to bring those friendship bracelets back to life. I want to skip the safety-pin tied to a pillow or my perfectly broken in blue jeans and create something modern.

I love the look of embroidery floss knotted bracelets at the beach or for those days when I just want to hang out, but I want a fresh look when I hit the town in a polished dress or my favorite wrap sweater.

These Embroidery Floss Wrap Bracelets are easy to make. Here's a list of what you will need to make a beautiful wrap bracelet of your own.

Wood Bangle
Embroidery Floss

Hot Glue Gun

Glue for Glue Gun




Cut lengths of embroidery floss into 2-3 yard sections. It is best if you cut all your floss first. It will make it easier to transition through the colors as you start wrapping.

Lay out your embroidery floss in the order you would like them on your bangle. For example, if you are using pink, red, and yellow, line up your floss in that order across your work surface so that your can work quickly once you have applied your hot glue.

Working from the inside of your bangle, apply a dab of hot glue to the surface then place the end of your first length of embroidery floss into the glue being careful not to place your fingers directly onto the glue. Hot glue is very hot and will burn your skin, use precaution.


I found it best to not place the end of the floss directly into the glue. I placed a dab of glue in the center of the bangle then placed the end of the string toward the bottom of the bracelet form. This gave me an area to hold onto as I pulled the floss tight to wrap it around the bangle.

Begin wrapping the embroidery floss around the bangle, ensuring that you are pulling the string tightly around the edges and making sure that you are leaving no gaps between each wrap. If necessary, you may wish to wrap a second time between spaces that inevitably will occur.

When you've reached the end of your rope, glue the end down using the hot glue gun and add your second color string as described above. Repeat this process until your entire bangle is wrapped in embroidery floss and finish with a dab of glue.

Allow glue to dry completely and wear your wrap bracelet proudly.