My whole life I had curls and hated them. Then some time in high school
my mom bought herself a flatiron (which I used to the max) and I discovered
how great my hair was straight.

I've flat ironed my hair so much that my curls have kind of faded...
It's not as curly as it once was. That's why this week I decided
I'm going to stop flat ironing my hair for awhile and embrace my curls.

Curls are so hard to control and wear which is why I was so
content with destroying my hair everyday by putting so much heat on it.
My hair also would get so frizzy that I wouldn't dare wear my curls out, I
would have to pull them back into a bun.

I've watched a ton of youtube videos and ran a ton of reviews and
the only product that really works on my hair and makes my curl's look
great is Carol's Daughter Hair Milk.

They take away the frizz without making my hair look greasy or oily.
It also shapes my curls perfectly! If you have curly hair, & you've fallen victim
to the frizz and wanting to hide your curls, I highly recommend trying this. Plus the
leave in moisturizer (which is the one I use) is only $20.00.