I made a quick trip to Target the other day and stumbled upon some "leather" jackets. I never imagined myself wearing one, but I've seen them around so much that I figured I'd try. Since it's my first leather jacket, I didn't mind getting it from Target because I honestly didn't know how much I'd like it. The sleeves are a little long, but that goes with being a petite person! I'm a very girly girl, so I took the jacket and paired it with some more feminine pieces. The white lace shirt under the jacket with the mint necklace gives the outfit some contrast. My new flats from Target go with my "edgy" theme. :)

Jacket $40, Target / Top $14.99, JC Penney's / Necklace $10, Charlotte Russe / Jeans, Old Navy / Flats $9.98 Clearance, Target