In college, there were lots of hard decisions to be made.  Decisions like the tough choice between buying dinner or that new dress that's been on my mind all week.  Let me give you the obvious answer here: clothing always wins.  (Unless of course it's a choice between clothing and shoes or jewelry because then, all bets are off.)  One of my favorite discoveries during this time (besides a $5 dinner from Subway) was just how many great deals could be found on Ebay.  Designer duds, vintage treasures or just a low price on this season's must-have boot, you really can score whatever your little heart desires, so I was thrilled when Ebay asked me to do a post with a few finds from their endless online catalog.  The look above is just the sort of ladylike-with-a-twist vibe that is so perfect for the transition into fall.  Temper a delicate, feminine blouse with leather leggings and contrasting pointed pumps for a look that can be worn from day to night seamlessly.  Finish with a polished handbag and a few stacked, statement gold accessories.  The overall feel is sleek and pulled-together, and the color palette reminds me of a peacock.  Fabulous.  Do you have a favorite piece in your closet that you found on Ebay?

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