Good morning, lovers! Today I have a really fun tutorial to share with you that may blow your mind.

You know glitter nail polish and how it kind of makes you want to chop your finger tips off when it comes time to remove it? What if I told you that you wont ever need to worry about removing it again and it will only take you a minute or two to get it all completely off? The best part? This method uses absolutely no nail polish remover.


Yes, you are seeing correctly. Elmer's glue with a dash of water, creates a base coat that makes glitter (or any polish) removal absolutely hair-pulling-free! 


First, I emptied a bottle of polish and filled it just slightly with a splash of water.

Next fill the remainder of the bottle with glue and shake to mix.


Polish your clean nails with the glue mixture.
*do not use any other base coat - only the glue mixture*

Very important - Let the glue dry completely. You will know it's dry once your nails appear bare again.


Paint your nails normally and top with your favorite top coat.

I used Party Rockin' by Lush Lacquer - which would typically be a horrendous task to remove.


When it came time to remove my polish I used an orange manicure stick to gently peel it off. Much to your surprise, and mine, it came off almost with zero effort at all. 


And that's it! Zero issues, zero scrubbing and scraping, zero damage to the nail! I plan on using this method of polish removal from now on... under all polish, not just glitter. This should really cut back on my acetone bill, too.

I promise you that the most difficult task of this tutorial is the cleaning out of the polish bottle. The rest is a breeze! Go give it a try and tell me what you think.

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