Thank you, Refinery29,for bringing these incredibleearringsto my attention. I have been searching for East Coast/West Coast rivalry closure my entire life & I feel I have finally found it in these East vs West Stud Earrings.

As Leroy's Place Etsy Shop soeloquentlystates:

"Together at last! Now, The East Coast/Weat Coast rivalry can play out on either side of your head with these acrylic earrings!"

I completely get it & I commend Leroy's creative efforts.But frankly, I believe these fantastic specimens represent "love," not war. My heart & soul wants to believe Biggie & Tupac found peace not only with themselves, but with each other in that big "GangstaParadise" in the sky.

Just knowing that Biggie & Tupac can live peacefully on my ears makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.Cuz it ain't nothin' but a gangsta party after all, right?