When I was a kid, I doodled on everything (yeeeah, I doodled in law school too).  My notebooks always had intricate patterns, designs, and fairytale lands doodled in black pen up the sides.  Since then, I’ve seriously missed doodling.  I actually used a Michael’s 40% off coupon (shout out to the Michael’s coupon – I live for it!) and bought a giant pack of Sharpies.*  I was going to doodle in a notebook, but after seeing some of these amazing walls, I’m eye-ing my own walls for a bit of blank space.  I’m slightly terrified that my own sketches and doodles can’t come close to the amazing-ness on these walls, but I still really want to try!  Would you doodle on your walls?


*By the way, how cool are these 80′s Glam Sharpies?!

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