& Watch our very first outfit video!

Double denim is a look that I’ve been really beginning to enjoy as the weather warms up. A few years ago, if someone had said the words ‘double denim’ to me, my mind would have been conjuring up something awful – along the lines of the infamous Britney and Justin 2001 American Music Awards. Let’s be honest though, a denim cowboy hat will never ever work! A little subtlety can be quite wonderful though. Through mixing different denim shades, you can create a unique look, which is super sweet. I wore a vintage cropped shirt, which is fully lined with gingham on the inside – what a treat, eh! The shorts are also vintage.

If you haven’t noticed by now, we have started to create a bunch of new video content. Videos have always been a passion of ours and I’m so delighted to be sharing them with you again. In the video above, you can see (in motion!) what I was wearing. For me, I love to see how fabric moves, not to mention the whole atmosphere behind a set of photos. Plus, I love hearing how different blogger’s voices sound. I went to an international school, so I think that is fully responsible for my love of accents! I hope that voices and accents are something that interest you too, and if they are, do take a peek at the video above! Additionally, if you could please subscribe to our YouTube channel that would be the best news ever!

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