Happy Friday! Lately I haven't been painting my nails since I've been working on new items and a few orders for my clients. I hand stud all my items by hand and sometimes it's pointless to paint my nails especially when they chip within two days. Forget the bags, the shoes! For the nail polish obsessed, the best accessory for fall is dark and metallic colors. Like you seen before the original manicure for ages the new twist trend is more subtle yet dramatic at the same time. Here I will be showing you step by step how to paint your nails the new twist on the traditional french manicure- a metal style. It's very easy and not messy at all! I hope you enjoy and please send me photos to my email which is on my "contact me" tab on my blog. What do you think of this manicure? Is this a color combo that you would try?

1. Pick your nail polishes

Sinful Colors: Heavy Metal

Top Coat: Chelly

Sinful Colors: Black on Black

Can be purchased at your local Walgreens for $6 bucks.

2. Apply two coats of Heavy Metal nail polish. Let your nails dry for about an hour.


3. You will need Transparent tape and a paint brush.

4. Apply tape on top of your nails to determine how thick or thin you want the line to be.

5. Apply a thin coat of black on black nail polish for your tips. Then clean you edges with nail  remover using the paint brush or you can use a Q-Tip.

Finished :)