Missglamorazzi (on youtube) did a video on how to make a brush holder using an old candle. I only wish she made this tutorial sooner so I didn’t have to throw out my old one! The only supplies you’ll need is a butter knife, a finished candle, hot water, dish soap and water to clean and some vase filler beads. 

1. You want to start off with a finished candle. Put it in the fridge so that the wax hardens when you break it apart.

2. After about a day or a few hours, take the candle out of the fridge and let it settle for a couple minutes. Then take your butter knife, carve out the edges, and take apart the pieces of the wax until you get out all the wax.

3. Now you’re left with the three wicks glued to the bottom of the jar. Take very hot water and pour it into the jar and leave it for about a minute so the glue will melt.

4. After about a minute, take your butter knife and scrape out the wicks. It’ll be easy because the glue is mushy.

5. Now wash all the gunk out in the sink with soap and peal all the stickers off and VOILA! You have a clean and empty jar.

6. Take your vase fillers, fill the jar 1/3 of the way, and stick your brushes in it!

Here is the link to Ingrid’s video: “GIY (Glam It Yourself) Makeup Brush Holders!

She took it a step further and added glitter.

I decided to keep it simple.. and sephora-esque.

Hope you enjoyed!