I think the most New Years Resolutions I read or hear about has to be something along the lines of "go on a diet", "lose weight", "get in shape"...you get the gist. The gym gets really busy, diet programs and supplements go on sale, yada yada yada. And you know what? Embarrassingly, I'm also guilty of this. While I work out on a regular basis and play on a competitive tennis team, I can definitely use some more direction and focus.

This is where DietBet comes in. I randomly stumbled upon it online and instantly fell in love with the idea. DietBet is a 4 week dieting game that you can do with friends & family, or with complete strangers! You put $25 (average) into a pot and whoever loses 4% of their body weight wins or splits the pot! The best part (in my opinion) is the app! Below is a screen shot of the app from my phone. Any program that has a decent app wins me over, I swear.


I forwarded this idea to my best friend Maya, and we decided to start a game of our own. We both put in $25, so if one of us reaches 4% and the other doesn't, they win the money. If we both lose 4% of our weight in 4 weeks, we basically get our money back...and we would have lost 4% of our body weight! As far as I'm concerned, that's a win-win situation.

Our game starts this Wednesday and today is our weigh-in day. I didn't even have to sign in online to weigh in, I just did it through my phone! So easy! You take a picture of yourself on the scale, take a picture of the scale and send it in for verification. After about an hour I received an approval e-mail, so I'm good to go!

T-2 days! I can't wait! I can confidently say that I have never been this excited about a diet before! ;)