In the spirit of actually trying to keep on top of things (despite the fact I'm still tardy on #DixieTrip, NYFW and LAFW posts... they're coming, promise) I'm posting the day of an event. Let's imagine this is what happens everyday and that I'm a proper journo eh?

Today I had the privilege of visiting Max and Lubov Azria's Bel Air home for brunch to preview the Spring 2013 collections from BCBG Runway, Ready to Wear and Atelier, as well as Hervé Leger (as well as eat.. because us fashion girls do eat - as if my ever increasing girth wasn't a giveaway)

I'd sadly missed the runway in NYC due to a conflict (Band of Outsiders - which will be getting a post soon!) so it was a wonderful chance to get to see the collection in a really intimate and special setting alongside my fellow West Coast bloggers and editors.

The models and setting were stunning, allowing for some great photo opps - I was extremely trigger happy. Since there are a whopping 54 pics in this post (if a picture is worth a 1000 words, here's 54,000 of them..) - I've started with a few of my faves from each collection, and the rest are after the jump!

Enjoy - I have quite a few must haves in the bunch, Spring 2013 could be dangerous :)

Herve_8 Herve_1 Herve_2 Herve_5
BCBG_Atelier_2 BCBG_Atelier_3 BCBG_Atelier_4 BCBG_Atelier_5
BCBG_1 BCBG_Atelier_8
For more pics (yep there's more!) Click through!

BCBG_2BCBGMaxAzria Spring 13 RTW

BCBG_3BCBGMaxAzria Spring 13 RTW

BCBG_4 BCBGMaxAzria Spring 13 RTW

BCBG_5 Hervé Leger Spring 13

BCBG_6 Hervé Leger Spring 13

BCBG_8 BCBGMaxAzria Runway Spring 13

BCBG_11 BCBGMaxAzria Runway Spring 13

BCBG_12 BCBGMaxAzria Runway Spring 13

BCBG_13 BCBGMaxAzria Runway Spring 13

BCBG_14 BCBGMaxAzria Runway Spring 13

BCBG_15 BCBGMaxAzria Runway Spring 13

BCBG_16 BCBGMaxAzria Runway Spring 13

BCBG_19 BCBGMaxAzria Runway Spring 13

BCBG_20 BCBGMaxAzria Runway Spring 13

BCBG_22 BCBGMaxAzria Runway Spring 13

BCBG_Atelier_1 BCBG Max Azria Atelier (Atelier features one of a kind dresses designed for red carpet)

BCBG_Atelier_6 BCBGMaxAzria Atelier

BCBGMaxAzria Atelier

BCBG_Atelier_9 BCBGMaxAzria Atelier

BCBG_Atelier_10 BCBGMaxAzria Atelier

BCBG_RTW_2 BCBGMaxAzria RTW Spring 2013

BCBG_RTW_4 BCBGMaxAzria Spring 13 RTW

BCBG_RTW_5 BCBGMaxAzria Spring 13 RTW

BCBG_RTW_6 BCBGMaxAzria Spring 13 RTW

BCBGMaxAzria Spring 13 RTW

BCBGMaxAzria Spring 13 RTW

BCBGMaxAzria Spring 13 RTW

BCBGMaxAzria Spring 13 RTW

Herve_3 Hervé Leger Spring 13

Herve_4 Hervé Leger Spring 13

Herve_6 Hervé Leger Spring 13

Kelsi x