Coat: Vintage
Tee & Warmer (underneath): Cantwo (local store)
Cardigan: Veeko
Skinny: Mossimo
Boots: Dr. Martens






It's hot, it's cold, like a Katy Perry song, and I promised myself I will try not to talk about the weather anymore. Now, actually, it's very cold...it was hard getting my face right in most of these shots! I actually had to wear the glasses to keep the cold wind off, and I was shivering the whole time. Whew, at least I scraped enough shots for this post.

So, here are the first of the new skinnies - the burgundy ones. I'm having a hard time picking out outfits that won't have them in it - they are so versatile! I thought they would look good with my printed coat for the day (plus three layers underneath), along with my ever-faithful Dr. Martens. Like I said in the previous post, I credit the find all to Carla. All my skinnies will probably be shown in succession sometime on this blog, so stay tuned! And an almost Merry Christmas to you all - here's hoping Santa sends you presents tonight - till next time

- Che


Photos by: Carla