Happy Hump Day!

My brain is officially on vacay.  I have a short few hours of work (and a gazillion to-do's) separating me from a fantastic weekend of happiness & hangovers.  And until then, I'm going to focus on the important things... like nail polish choices.

This sleek look is definitely one of my recent favs.  There are so many bold statements and trends in such a simple outfit.  It's obvious I am a big fan of crop tops as of late, and this one from The Girl That Loves is definitely at the top of the list.  The geometric pattern and boxy shape make it the perfect modern crop top.   

The colorblock envelope clutch from the Gotham Decay collection was the perfect finishing piece.  The black cork and white hologram material give an amazing contrast that is so on point.  The Gotham Decay collection from Ted Rossi is made in the USA, and is completely eco & animal-friendly.  You can help stop the decay of the environment while rocking a fiercely cool handbag.  Major win.

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