I love a good nail polish! So I got really excited when I spotted the new COVERGIRL Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss at CVS.  I have to admit that I had to do a double take when I first saw the packaging because it looks so similar to my beloved Chanel polish! The best part is that these aren't nearly as expensive and they have a great color selection to choose from! 

Left: Grapevine
 Right:Lasting Love


These polishes really provide a great coverage! I tried applying just one coat and I was satisfied with the color results! The polish isn't too thick and the brush is just right for the perfect application.  I have had no problem with the polish chipping off at all and I have tried with and without a top coat and base coat.  The colors I picked up were gorgeous! The Lasting Love (Red) is such a perfect color for the holidays! It's a very warm, rich red! The Grapevine (Purple) is like the most beautiful jeweled purple shade.  They both provided a good amount of shine to my nails that I didn't add anything extra on top.


The packaging is again, so similar to Chanel! I'm all about pretty packing and these are gorgeous.  What I love the most is that these are super cheap! Each one only costed me around $6.00 and I got them on sale, buy one get one half off.  That means my wallet can let out a sigh of relief when purchasing these, unlike another brand I mentioned above.

Pretty similar if you ask me!

I have heard that these haven't been released everywhere, but I have seen them out at quite a few stores in my area (Atlanta).  If you love nail polish like I do, go and find them! COVERGIRL hit the jackpot with these!

Have you tried these yet?? If so, what colors did you get? Let me know!