For a long time I rebelled and wore noting but black. Between the teasing that I got for my colorful outfits and the need to define my own style, I just refused to wear anything more than a discreet dash of color. I still have a predilection for grey that won't quit. But over the last few years I've seen color become more and more acceptable and now there's no stopping it. The truth of the matter is that color is the new black, the new wear-with-everything, the new go-to.

Embrace it, people. We're free to express our inner Rainbow Brite without fear of reprisal.


So how should you do it? Are there rules? What's right and what's wrong? Here are a few pointers to getting down with the ROYGBIV:

1. Don't think too hard: Most of us can accurately predict what colors will work for us as individuals. If you love orange, rest assured that you can pair it with yellow, royal blue, or pink. Play with it.

2. Put it on and forget it: That's right- fuhgedaboudit. Make your selection, tweak it til it works for you, then run out the door and live your life.

3. Smile: Yes, smile. You're colorful and confident. You have it all going on. So smile! Because your outfit is a signal to others that life is O.K. You're a walking advertisement for happiness. Isn't that awesome?


There's so much going on that's depressing, why not go with the flow and let some COLOR into your life?