Today is awfully gloomy. I’m sitting here next to the window and can hear the splashes of raindrops against the windowpane. Windy and cold, but so perfect for some random creativity. Zoey is asleep so I’m thoroughly enjoying some time alone w/ my mug of hot white tea and blogging (of course!).

This post was fairly an impromptu one. Went outside, snipped some purple mums for my zebra print mug and thought the color combo of the whole ensemble was a must share! Grabbed my trustworthy 5d mark ii and clicked away!

Here are the results…

Haven’t done a color scheme post in forever so this came as perfect timing. The yellow(ish) was color-picked from the center of the mums.

I like how each picture has a slight melancholic tone. This is how I feel about the weather today.

If you are a purple lover, I think that this color scheme would be perfect for your favorite space!