{sweater: forever21 (old but love this) skirt & shoes: vintage collar: ark & co (love this) bag: thrifted glasses: american apparel jewels: jennifer meyer & c/o: anjolee}


After looking through these pictures I think it’s safe to say that if Clueless was ever re-made, Cher would totally wear this! Come on, this mini gingham skirt (cough cough skort cough) is so 90s I can’t even handle it. Okay, back up just a minute because what I really can’t handle is me admitting to owning a skort. But if you think about it, it’s kind of a genius idea. Combining the elements of both a skirt and short into one; you can still feel like you’re wearing a mini but not be concerned about flashing your goodies to anyone. As if! Okay, well I guess this is my own personal take on the decade because even though there are some definite 90s elements in my outfit it somehow feels so me and relevant!