Here's the thing.

I absolutely love pencil skirts.

There's just something about them.

They're classy. Business appropriate. But sexy at the same time.

If I could wear one of these every day, I would.

Or not. Because I mostly wear jeans because of all the running around that I do.

Perfect Pencils
Narciso Rodriguez bright colored dress, $1,535 / Glamorous cropped t shirt, $27 / Opening Ceremony cotton sweater / Glamorous fitted shirt, $19 / Dorothy Perkins peplum pencil skirt / Dolce & Gabbana knee length pencil skirt / Color block skirt / Alejandro Ingelmo pointed toe high heels / Edie Parker

Here, I used a white shoe and classic clutch to accessorize. With most women, they:
  • Fear the white shoe. Like the white shirt, they get dirty easily. Who wants to walk around looking like dirty dishwater?
  • Think of Easter. And all the various holidays/occasions that you were required to wear a pair of white mary janes when you were younger.
  • Think of old ladies. Especially those that go to church with big hats.

My advice? Don't over-think it. Just go with it. Your shoes may get a little dirty, but you can easily clean them with warm water and soap. Mary Janes are actually really sexy on adult women. You're crazy if you think you look like someone's grandma, even if you are someone's grandma.

The point is, get outside of your comfort zone. Use the white shoe! Now, do I have to sell you on mixing patterns as well?