You can almost never go wrong with a B&W combination. 

My aesthetic for dressing is usually very clean and minimal. I do not like to have on many bracelets, and extravagant makeup for my everyday look but I like to have a classic, natural style. I like my pieces to mix well together and maybe have that one stand out item: be it clothing, lipstick, or jewelry. I do not like to have a fussy outfit, though once in awhile it is worth it, but for my usual attire key, basic pieces mixed with a trendy piece is what I like. How would you define your style? Take this challenge and see what you come up with. 

I wore this over the weekend to a little formal party. I was struggling at first with what I really wanted to wear. At the end of my search (trying on five different shirts and two different pants) I decided this is the one. At first I had some doubt because I wasn't sure if the oversized shirt would be to oversized but with the super skinny, black pants and black booties I was good to go! I added a touch of color on my lips (something I always like to do as you probably know) to add a little glam and I went with this stunning scarf because it would keep me warm. This scarf is thick and ornately embroidered. My grandmother bought it in Italy and she gave it to me! As for the bag, this was my mom's but she stopped using it so I gladly accepted it. It was perfect to fit this sophisticated chic look I was going for. One thing every women needs in her closet is a classic tote. I hope everybody had a wonderful beginning to their week! I have super exciting news to share with you soon. 
Thank you for your comments!




photos by Amanda

Blouse: WORTHINGTON (similar here)
Pants: EXPRESS (here)
Bag: NEW YORK AND COMPANY ( similar herehere)
Scarf: from Italy (dapper ones herehere)
Lipstick: REVLON chubby stick
Nail polish: REVLON "fashionista" 
Earrings: R.H. MACY & CO.