Among all the countless varieties of sweet confections enjoyed by billions of people worldwide, it is most likely chocolate in its many forms, shapes, sizes, flavors and textures the most popularly purchased and consumed confection given as gifts. The number one occasion where chocolate is given as gifts would be Valentine’s Day, the 14th of February where couples of all ages, genders, nationalities and denominations go out on a romance-filed dinner and give each other gifts.


There’s so many varieties of chocolate, manufactured by hundreds of companies all over the world even though the raw material, the contents of the cacao pod, grows in only a select countries.Majority of the cacao is manufactured into cocoa butter and other forms which in turn become the primary raw material of chocolates.It is combined with milk, sugar and a multitude of flavors and transformed into decadent morsels of absolute delight available in bars of various sizes, pralines or truffles wrapped in foil, paper or packaged in elaborate boxes and arrangements.

Aside from the taste, there is actually something in its chemical composition that actually make it appropriate to be given during Valentine’s day.Historically, ancient Aztecs have consumed chocolate and have recorded the effect of its consumption to sexual desire.It is said that the emperor Montezuma consumed large amounts of cacao bean for the purpose of increasing his virility.


It is actually tryptophan and phenylethylamine, two chemicals found in chocolate associated with sexual arousal and stimulation that give it its reputation as a food for love.

However, most commercial varieties of chocolate have negligible amounts of these compounds and instead are primarily composed of milk and sugar.Nevertheless, the sweet taste and smooth mouth feel of chocolate that make its consumption very popular.

For the health buff, look for dark chocolate that have the highest cocoa content and has minimal sugar and milk.These deep dark bittersweet confections made by artisan chocolatiers as well as bigger companies have the most health benefits particularly its significant antioxidant content.


If your date loves fruits, then go for chocolate-dipped cherries or strawberries.Some say the berry-chocolate combination is actually romance inducing as both elements have aphrodisiac qualities.