CHI Touch Hair Dryer Review

A hair dryer is no longer just a hair dryer. They have come a long way as far as being light weight, speeding up drying times and actually helping to protect the hair. I had used a cheaper hair dryer for quite some time and was becoming more and more aware that I needed to upgrade. I have very thick hair that gets extremely frizzy and I was getting so tired of having to spend thirty minutes or more blow drying my hair. That didn't even count for the amount of time I had to spend either using a flat iron or curling it. So I began asking my stylist questions about different types of hair dryers that were out. She recommended the CHI Touch. I had already used the CHI Flat Iron for many years and loved it, so I figured it would be worth me doing some research to see what it was all about!


The CHI Touch is an Ionic hair dyer that promises to reduce frizz, static and help rehydrate the hair. (thanks to the Ceramic Heater andInfrared Technology)It has a three inch color LCD Screen that has temperature, speed and ion setting controls. This was the first touch screen hair dyer I have ever seen and was really excited to see it in action!





You can see from the pictures I posted that this is a pretty advanced hair dyer! It is very simple to use though. Just use your finger and tap on the icon you want to change and slide the finger to the correct setting you want to use. If you need to get back to the main screen, just press the home button on the screen. I love that it has features for fine hair all the way to coarse hair. We all know that not everyone has the same type of hair, so I love that it allows us to create an individual experience.

This hair dryer features a ceramic heater andInfraredtechnology, has a memory setting (remembers the settings you previously used) weights 40% less than most hair dryers on the market, is super quiet (DC Motor) and with 1800 watts of drying power, it dries the hair MUCH faster. This hair dryer is an ionic dryer, meaning that it releases negative ions instead of positive ions (most hair dryers release positive). The negative ions break down the positive water in the hair to reduce frizz and static. Plus, since it's drying the hair faster, it helps reduce heat damage. The price tag for this is around $199.00. When I purchased this product it did come with two full sized CHI hair styling products (reviews on them will be in aseparatepost) and a couple of attachments to use when drying the hair.


So did it live up to its hype? For me it sure did! Not only did it take less than five minutes to dry my hair, it also helped give me a frizz free look. I did use styling products (CHI and non CHI) along with this, but even before when I used these products with my old hair dryer, I still had quite a lot of frizz. How can I spend that much on a hair dryer? I know from personal experience that their products last a long time and even purchasing a cheap hair dryer can add up. So I'd rather spend the money on a great product that has a warranty incase anything goes wrong. This can be found at any store that sells the CHI product lines. I know Ulta does for sure because that is where I got mine or you can look online at their website to see if any professional hair salons carry it.

Do you complain about your hair dryer? Maybe this is one for you to try! Let me know if you have used this product before! If you are in the market for a new hair dryer, this would make an excellent Christmas gift!