I put my hair up today because it's well... hasn't been washed...Growing up, I never put my hair down because I hated it in my face. Now as a grown up, or big kid, I almost never have it up. I will occasionally have it up if my hair is too "greeeeassyy". Sounds great, huh? Herbal Essence, fresh? lol.

Anyway, yesterday I stopped by Forever 21 because they were having additional 50% off the marked price. I've never been in the F21 sale rack, so I was scared to make the plunge. Am I glad, I did? YES!
I got these orange polka dot pants for $6! I wanted these when they first came out, but am not a fan of paying $25 for trendy things. This falls under trendy, which means I will only pay less than $15! And, I also got these cute ankle boots for $10! I mean, it is tax season and they need to clear out the fall items. This is not a problem for me at all! These boots are a total DV by Dolce Vita Ciaran Boot dupe!

Now, we are headed back to SF for some food and exploring! As if we do not go there often enough!

Old Navy Chambray: Old (similar)
JCrew Jacket: $60 (similar)
F21 Polka Dot Pants: $6
Gap Belt: very old
F21 Booties: $10 (similar

Happy President's Day... because one day, someone in our blogging community will be President!

Thank you for stopping by!!

Until next time,
C. Mai