Hello Lovely friends and readers! I just celebrated my 55th birthday and thought I would share my favorite gift:

What do you give a girl who has (almost) everything?  My thoughtful friend got me this, knowing that my two favorite things in life are shoes and chocolates. ( OK, jewelry should be there, too, and books). This is a coated paper shoe filled with delicious chocolates. They went down easy, with champagne no less, and did not pinch my feet. They are from the Bissinger’s Confectionista Collection, and are a great gift!  Also for my birthday a gift of roses, wine and a gorgeous knitted Missoni scarf that will surely make it on a post.:

Pics of ( some of the) lovely gifts on my 55th Birthday:birthday gift for Elle

Here is a pic of my divine chocolate cake that I took home from dinner out, as I was too full to eat it. It was de-lish for lunch the next day!
For younger people fretting about getting older ( most of my readership is much younger than I)- fear not. Life actually gets smoother and richer as the years pass . Yes our appearance changes, but our perspective becomes rounder so that everything fits in nicely. All of our life experiences that culminate in who we are, become focused and clearly beautiful.  The realization dawns that life is a fluid thing: that  just as we are getting to know ourselves,  we are becoming who we will be.
It is nice to take the oppotuntiry to thank our loved ones, which I did on my  55th birthday.  But I also want to thank you, my readers. I started this blog about 4 months ago, when I thought an Apple was a fruit, and  a Mac was a sandwich. A wordpress template- Oh NO! But, I did figure it out ( Thanks Dea). I have readers from all over the world who follow me and i follow them, too. It is fun to see that Style, the way we express ourselves to the world, is so universal.
I have almost 10,000 page views, and I would love to take this time to say Thank You for  providing me with such good company here on My Daily Costume.

A photo of the happy birthday girl!:

xx Elle signature

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