2 Year Celebration at Jade Boutique

My friend Jade, owner of Jade Boutique, celebrated the two year anniversary of her boutique over the weekend. So it was the perfect opportunity for me to pay her a visit. You heard me rave about her boutique before (read it here) and she still continues to impress me with her down to earth personality (a great trait for a business owner to have) and her ability to carry such a great selection of the latest trends in clothing, jewelry and accessories. I thought I'd share some of the amazing things I found at her boutique and give you a better understanding of why I think her boutique is one of the best around!

Chevron is THE print to own right now! The purse (top right) is such a great shoulder bag and the bracelets below make a great addition to anyone's jewelry collection. I loved the Boho-Chic vibe of the wallets on the bottom right.

I loved this shirt! The colors were beautiful!
Pieced with jeans or leggings, this shirt can go from chic to comfy instantly!

Her jewelry selection is AMAZING!
You won't find mass produced items here. She hand picks all of the designers she features in her boutique.

Jade Boutique features some amazing labels! You'll find the inside of her boutique covered with the latest celebrity worn trends and looks of the season. If you are in need of adding new pieces into your wardrobe or that perfect holiday gift for someone special, I'd suggest paying her boutique a visit. You can find out more information by visiting her boutique (www.shopjadeboutique.com) or by visiting her Shoptiques website (http://shop.shoptiques.com/boutiques/jade).