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Although I seem to favor the clothing styles of the stars of yesteryear, Emma Stone is one young actress from today who's got a knack for fashion that I admire. She's darling and funny, and I enjoyed watching her in ZombielandEasy A and Crazy, Stupid, Love. I even like her croaky voice, which probably sounds strange, but there's something about it that makes her even more endearing than she already is.

Emma opts for bold color choices when it comes to dressing herself. Whether it's stark white against her porcelain skin, or the more obvious emerald to contrast with her titian hair, she often wears primary hues that truly make her pop on the red carpet. Although they're two of the last shades I would have thought to outfit Emma in were I her personal stylist, daffodil yellow and pear look fabulous on the adorable Ms. Stone. And who could forget about that terrific colorblocking of crimson and candy pink with nude heels pictured above?

Emma Stone's personal style is the ideal source of inspiration for a winter outfit. Her up-to-the-minute, yet ladylike look and red locks made her a perfect choice for a Christmastime muse. If I were to create an outfit using Emma's style as my guide, this is what I'd wear;


Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


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