I wrote a post about BB and CC creams and was really surprised that lots of people don't know about this little beauty gem.

I thought I would further expand on my original post.

First let me discuss BB cream. This stands for Blemish/Beauty Balm. Its a moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock all in one! If you are using this as a foundation though it is very light so you may want to go over with concealer where needed and powder.

CC Cream stands for color control cream- however it also acts as a beauty balm like the BB cream. Its an all in one cream with natural looking coverage and a pretty high SPF included.

Pros of CC over BB: Blends a bit better, lighter, less oily of a finish.

Want to buy some CC cream? Well as of TODAY Olay CC Cream is the only one I could find in the US and NOT SOLD OUT...yet ;)

I just ordered mine! Will you be ordering it too?