| top: H&M (similarhere), skirt: Lulu*s (similarhere), clutch: c/oBlair Ritchey, shoes: Christian Louboutin (similarhere) |

It's always fun to wear items that really do not need much to create a look because it is a character on its own, this cobalt skirt with the side peplum needed a much more simple top to balance out the skirt. Though I did think about pairing the peplum with a brighter top but that would be a lot of color, on top of the detailing on the skirt so I settled for a subtle sweater with texture to give the look a little depth. A brighter accessory was instead a better choice for a pop of color.

My logic behind dressing is to add an "unexpected touch" -- that for me is my signature, I suppose.
Casual but still dressed up at the same time. I always prefer to go against the grain, guess that is the little rebel in me.