I found a new photographer! Well, kinda. I'm still using my iPhone as my camera, but during the work week, I bugged one of the office student workers to take pictures of me. So thank you to her. Although I am sure it was weird at first, I have a feeling we'll have a fun year taking pictures! (Did I mention she cuts hair too?! This can be fun.....)

So today was uber casual day. Not much really going on in the "meetings" realm of work. Just me in my office, slaving away over club constitutions and program proposals. Sitting at my desk all day can get boring and stuffy, but a comfy casual yet stylish outfit is definitely in order!



Really? Who wears sunglasses indoors? Of course I do! Cause it is my headband otherwise!

What a week! Three weeks of the semester down, 12 more to go! Yay for students being back and finally understanding their routine. I now know that between 3:30 and 5pm is the busiest time here, and of course at that point in my day, I'm ready for a nap! But I love it and wouldn't have it any other way. Kudos to Fridays!