Sweater old (love this ASOS one– only $32!), H&M Leggings, Frye Campus boots

So I’ve been sick this week—and amfinally feeling better today. I was hoping that I’d make it through winter without the dreaded cold but no such luck for me. It hasn’t helped that the temps in New England have been really low over the past couple of days; tea has been my friend this week. When I’m not feeling great I’m usually not motivated to throw on a cute outfit or go out of the house for that matter. I stick to casual and comfortable pieces. Yesterday, I pulled out this chunky black sweater, which is so warm and cozy. I didn’t feel like wearing jeans so I grabbed these black leggings. I’m not a leggings kind of gal, to be honest, but these are a bit thicker than usual leggings and were more appealing to me than jeans at the time. Do you have a pair of Fryeboots? I’m wearing the Campus boot(in saddle, full height). I love Frye. Their boots are casual, comfortable, and high quality. They are a bit of an investment, but totally worth it-you’ll wear them for years and years!

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