I’m always fascinated by the stories of older women. Often times emphasis is placed on youth so much so that some think anyone over the age of say 30 is over the hill. Speaking of…one of my friends and I were talking to a cashier the other day and mentioned something about a store that was around years ago and she looked at us and said “Wait, how old are you guys?” and when I replied 31 on Sunday and my friend said the same, the cashier replied “You guys are making me feel like a teeny bopper” *SIDE EYE*

But anyway, so many people are obsessed with staying young and get depressed when they hit milestone birthdays (um, I rejoiced when I hit 30 last year, thank you very much) but I love that with age you gain wisdom and are more secure with yourself as a woman. I would never want to relive a good portion of my 20s—not because I did terrible things but because I had periods of not knowing what the heck I wanted in life. Who wants to do that again?


This is why I was very interested in reading a story that Alexa, the high-end fashion broadsheet free inside the New York Post, about the legendary supermodel Carmen Dell’Orefice. Though she was a mainstay on the covers and pages of magazines like VogueW, and Harper’s Bazaar throughout her longstanding career, she’s a lot like all of us: falling for the wrong guy, dyeing her hair, and what’s most inspiring, she learned from and embraced her mistakes.

Portions of the article that stood out to me:

The 81 year old never stopped working because she says she has to. Bernie Madoff stole all her money, but it’s not that big of a deal; she lost her life savings once before.

She admits she is unlucky in love – from her first marriage in her teens, which resulted in more than one abortion, to her most recent boyfriend: “I didn’t want to entrap him,” she says, of her last love: “I helped him realize that the person he had been dating for seven years before he met me – I helped him realize how deeply he loves her. He’s about to marry her.”

About her decision, inspired by her third husband, to stop dying her hair: “He leaned over in bed and he pulled out a white hair. I thought, ‘No. No! I am your wife that you love so much. How dare he?’ So I let my hair grow in.”

You know you want to read more. Check out the rest of the article here.

What life lessons have you learned so far? Share with me in the comments!

Photos: Elizabeth Lippman