I know Camo has been everywhere lately, so I wanted to share my own interpretation of this trend to everyone interested via the internets, naturally. 

First off, I must confess. When I first recognized that there was no escaping the camouflage trend (I resisted at first, tbh), I hit up several thrift and Army/Navy stores in NYC only to find that they A.) Wanted $40 for a jacket that perpetaully smelled like metal, B.) Wanted $40 for a jacket that perpetually smelled like metal, so me being the total poor that I am, I searched for alternatives...namely, taking a train home to CT and going through my parents' attic. 

Luckily for me, my dad was in the Army back in the day (a fact that I like to reap sartorial benefits from time to time) so I figured if I looked hard enough I would be able to save that $40 bucks AND find an awesome camo jacket WITH my last name on it. 

Lo and behold, it happened. That is how I found ~the~ perfect camo jacket. 

(...Momentarily forgetting that I probably had one at my parents' house and then conveniently remembering when I realize I don't want to spend money on an obviously thrifted looking piece.) 

It's not the strongest story but whatever my brain is completely fried from finals/excuses. 





In other news, look at that oatmeal sweater lookin' all oatmeal-y and whatnot. Too comfy. Can you tell that it's finals week here at FIT? 

Camo Jacket: vintage Haus of Dad A/W 1984 (deal with it, I went there)/ Oatmeal sweater: J. Crew / Fleece Leggings: Urban Outfitters / Velvet shorts: Urban Outfitters / Backpack: L. L. Bean 

Photos: Claudia Arisso