(Pull & Bear sweater, skirt from boutique, Como leather jacket (similar one here), Giordano leggings (more here), Zara boots, Pull & Bear necklaceIconemesis phone case)
Items that anyone should consider investing in: sturdy wallet, a meter tall pile of basic knits, jeans - skinny and boyfriend style - various shades in denim will be encouraged, nude booties, and a leather jacket

I have had a black leather jacket that is still neatly hung in my closet from 2 years ago and that for one winter, I swear I wore every day. It was then when I was 14 years old that a burgundy leather jacket is penciled down onto my wishing-ly long wish list. To wear colored leather (same applies to leather shorts), there are no boundaries. Pull them over neutrals, clash it with color, print, textures. Hint, that is the reason why it is a staple. 

Speaking of which, my new Iconemesis phone case works perfectly in the sense that it is elaborate with hints of colors, but enough neutrals to pull out and show off. Iconemesis produces a range of iPhone cases with gorgeous and playful designs that will satisfy any personality in and out of this planet. It is sturdy and slips on perfectly, making it a challenge to take off (nice one Iconemesis) - one would just simply give up sooner or later - and give excuses for clumsy people like myself to fling our phones out of our hands with no worries. 

Thank you Iconemesis, you're a savior for my bank account