A blogger I find a lot of inspiration from and was featured in this month's Lucky Magazine is Nancy from Adore to Adorn.  She lives in the Bay Area of California and with the brisk ocean air there, she can always be found wearing super cute beanies.

Since seeing her wear them, I was inspired to find one and try the look out for myself.  When I went thrifting a couple of weeks ago, I saw this beanie and tried it on and liked the look.  So it came home with me for a whole whopping 65 cents!

And today I needed the hat.  It was 48 degrees today and yes, to Californians, that is cold. :P  Although I love this weather, I try to get use out of items I couldn't normally wear when it's not cold enough.

Hope you like this new item I've tried! :)






Sweater: Target // Boyfriend Jeans (similar): American Eagle // Beanie (cute patterned option) and Heels (similar): Thrifted // Clutch and Ring: Forever 21