I am so excited to start the 31 days of building a wardrobe on a budget series.  I am linking up with the Nesting Place.  Many bloggers are taking the challenge also! Visit the Nesting Place and check out the many topics.  There are seriously 100s!


Building a functional wardrobe is not easy.  We wear many hats in our day to day life and your clothes should reflect that.  For example I have a 8 to 4 office job, I go shooting and 4x4ing on the weekend, I work at many of the dog adoption events around Albuquerque and I LOVE LOVE LOVE fashion.  Talk about a eclectic wardrobe!

Before you grab your essentials list you need to see what you already have.  The easiest way to do this is to empty out your closet.

Empty out ONLY your clothing first
#1-Grab 3 decent size boxes, bins or even bags.  Label this FIX, DONATE/SELL, and CLEAN.
#2- As you are pulling pieces from your closet try EVERYTHING on.  If it needs a repair toss it into the FIX bin, Doesn't fit... toss into the DONATE bin, Stain... toss into the CLEAN bin.
#3- As you are trying things on take a picture before returning it to your hanger.  I downloaded the "StylishGirl" App for my Iphone and LOVE IT!!  I catalog all of my clothing, accessories, etc to help me make outfits.  Not required but VERY VERY helpful.  If you do not want to catalog your clothing at least write yourself a list to keep with you.  This can be helpful when shopping. :)
#4- Once your clothing is catalog or your list is made being your repairs and cleaning.  Remember first impressions are very important!
#5- Return clothing to closet and organize by garment type, or color.  Whatever is easiest for you.

Do your clothing always slide off your plastic hangers?  Check out this clever idea from one of my favorite blogs.  Do you have a great tip?  Leave a comment below and I would LOVE to check it out!

Closet Organizing ideas
GENIUS!!!! from In My Own Style 

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Tomorrow I will share my tips on cleaning and repairing your shoes, and organizing your accessories!