This is a 1980's Vintage Galano dress, which was worn 30 to 20 years ago from my fabulous 85 years old aunt, she's a fashionista at heart, i had a special occasion this year which, she said to me, you should wear my precious Galano dress? i was in heaven, couldn't believe what i was hearing so on September 12 i wore the dress this was so amazing i felt like i had just revive the old vintage dress which look like new, and so many pictures was taken of me that day it felt super fabulous. To add the complete look i wore some pearls, a pink rose shoes from Aldo and my grey clutch from Michael Kors. what do you think how do i look. Hope you guys enjoy it.e6adb9ea3ef203d894d9756d0d9c501014b7a73e