you guys, it's almost a brand spankin' new year! and that means new year resolutions are on my mind. the resolution list i made for 2012 was very long, and lets just say i learned my lesson. this year i'm going to keep my list short and sweet.

read more - ithink reading more was on my 2012 resolution list but i'm disappointed to report that I didn't do a whole lot of reading this year. well, not as much as i would like. i love reading and it's time i really make the time. this upcoming year i plan on using gavin's naptime as time for reading. usually i use his naps as a time for me to tackle chores around the house, but i've decided that every other day i'll use his naptime as reading time. i look forward to curling up on the couch with a good book!

exercise - this year i lost a lot of baby weight and i'm proud of myself, but exercise is part of my lifestyle and i hope to continue to make that a part of my day.

enjoy the moments - the boys and i have lots of adventures planned for the upcoming year, but aside from those planned experiences I hope to enjoy the unplanned experiences--the moments--the tender moments that just happen. the ones that you can only recognize and enjoy when you're disconnected from everything else and just focused on the time you're spending with those you love.

bake - this year i discovered my love for baking. i love cooking, but this year i realized that i also really love baking. having yummy baked goodies in the house is dangerous for someone who is trying to be healthier, but sometimes it's ok to indulge in a delicious slice of peanut butter sheet cake, right? i can't wait to get my hands on some new recipes!

serve - i am so blessed. my family is so blessed. and the only way i can thank God for the many MANY blessings he has given my little family of 3 is by finding opportunities to serve others. whether that be throught random acts of kindness or by baking a little something for a friend in need. i need to give back!

Happy new year, friends! Lets make this year a good one!