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Overalls, Urban Philosophy, c/o, Sunnies, Alexander McQueen, Sneakers, Converse, Scarf, Missoni, Tank, American Apparel {custom cut}

Do you ever think that as adults we’re the exactly the same as we were when we were kids?

Well…I know I am.  When I was four I had an obsession with Aviators {with Micky Mouse on them}. And when I was 10 I renounced jeans. For about two years straight I exclusively wore overalls {how chic}.  While I re-introduced denim separates into my life a short while later, I never lost my love for the heaven that is a onesie.

The comfort is undeniable and there is something so chic about a woman who’s not afraid to work this once childlike look.

My husband is away for Marine Duty {brief thank God} and while hubby’s away the boys will play. By boys I mean me, my best friends, and my Bulldog Bruiser.

Wandering the city in the warm weather is one of the best parts of living in New York.  On this specifically gorgeous evening I went West with my oldest and chicest friends, Nick and Matt, and my best pal Bruiser.

I really love these photos that Matt Caprotti {insanely amazing designer} took of us strolling the quiet and still underdeveloped area of the West 50′s.  The in and out of focus aesthetic mixed with this carefree outfit make me feel like I’m a kid all over again. Having all the fun in the world without a care in my mind, walking side by side with my childhood bestie, Nick.

All that being said, my fashion advice is this; go and buy some overalls! This pair by Urban Philosophy are perfectly adorable and fabulously priced.  The delicate straps and exposed lace pockets add a touch of femininity to the tom-boy look {SUPER on trend}.

Keep the look simple and fun.  A basic tank or tee and a pair of sneaks or even strappy heels will keep you looking effortless.

xx Nikki