Boyfriend Sweater

My boyfriend has some great sweaters that I love tosteal borrow. I wear them around the house or fall asleep on the couch when it's cold and yes wear them in public. We've all heard of the boyfriend jeans, so why not see what else you can fit into. Tuck a long sleeve shirt (roll the sleeves up) into a pair of skinny jeans, wear a long sweater with a pair leggings and heels, or toss on his shirt with a cute mini and belt it to show off your curves. Your options are endless. Not into wearing your boyfriends clothes, that's cool, just buy a smaller men's sweater or larger women's sweater. Don't be afraid to change it up and try something new what's the worst that can happen, you double your wardrobe. Since when is that a problem!

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Photo Courtesy of Aubrey Brower