Brazen... optical... geometric... graphic!
Bold black and white prints are popping up everywhere as we start thinking about Spring clothes.  Oh, you're not thinking about Spring clothes yet?  Well, you better get a move on it!


My self-drafted dress (yes, I do do that sometimes), was inspired by this great geo-patterned body-con dress from  Amazingly so, I've been in possession of a similar print for years now.  But I never knew how I wanted to use it... until now.
Being that I wanted a very simple design that would highlight and not disturb the print, I went with a fitted, straight-style body-concious dress.  
And I off-centered the print to give the dress more of an abstract look, similar to my inspiration dress.
And I accessorized with black.  And as the weather warms, I'll be adding colors like yellow, fuchsia, probably cobalt as a contrast.
I really like this style of dress and I can't wait to run across great prints so that I can make a few more.