#teenvogue // wearing H&M skirt, jumper and necklace, NEW BALANCE sneakers, RALPH LAUREN navy trench coat

Hey y'all !
I'm feeling rather excited as I'm leaving for a week in Berlin in only 2 days. I have never been there but I've only heard good things about this town. Some say it's very hipster and I also heard it's quite the capital of minimal music. I guess I'm up with that! Definitely let me know if you have any recommendations on places I should go visit.
I hope you all had a great week. I actually can't believe how fast it has gone by. It's like I blinked and it was Friday. So scary! Lately I've been dressing rather casual and keeping it comfortable for those early Spring days. Blue has been my definite my color of choice and I've been going back to my trusty pair of New Balance that I find really go well with this pinstriped zip skirt. 
Wishing you all a good weekend !