Halloween is only 2 days away and since i am going 
to dress up as a sexy zombie bride i decided to do the 
blood splatter nails. I wanted to do this tutorial for you all 
earlier incase you wanted to try it out for halloween 
but there is still time ladies. :) It's easy, fun, but messy. 
This was the final look.


Nail Polish:

Essie: Topless & Barefoot (Neutral)

Essie: First Dance (Red)

Effect with Straw (Skinny Starbucks)


So for this effect most people use a white base color but 
i wanted to do more of a natural nail color. 

1.The first thing you do is pour a couple drops of nail 
polish onto either a paper plate or a plastic. 

2. Dip the straw into the polish and twirl it a bit. 

3. Put it on top of your nail and blow. (it may take a couple blows 
before you get a good splatter, have patience)


And thats all you do.
This is very messy so make sure you have napkins 
or a piece of paper underneath.



After you have done both hands you can just clean around 
the edges with nail polish remover and a q-tip. 
(you can put tape around your nails if you dont want all the mess) 
Here are more pictures of the final look.






I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial and let me know if you 
try it so i can check it out. :) Hope everyone has a safe & fun 
halloween. I also hope all of you living in the new york 
new jersey area stay safe from hurricane sandy. 

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