Sensitive Salvation DIY Original Japan Silk Mask has an overall grade of:


This amazing repair & rescue with Gingko Extract, Sea Fennel Callus Culture Filtrate and Licorice Extract — was the very first of it’s kind for me! I have many facials, but never a diy — at home, salon (professional) quality one — performed by myself! I love the easy-to-use design — which came with the eyes, nose and lips already cut out.

The safe, chemical free and gentle formula, which the mask was submerged in…within it’s packing — didn’t itch, burn or irritate my sensitive skin! I left the mask on for exactly 30 minutes (from 4:51 to 5:21 p.m). BEAUTY FIXX – relax and just lay with mask — read a great book, soak in some epsom salt and organic essential oils…or whatever is your personal approach to a spa ritual. Avoid talking, eating or doing anything that makes your face move — as the mask will rip!

When the 30 minutes was up (the recommended time is 20-30 minutes) — I removed the mask from my face, by lifting it off — and then I rinsed my face in cool water (to close my pores) to rinse away any residue! I love my skin’s overall appearance and it’s smoothness! The mask is geared to rescue and repair skin from damage and sensitiveness. It restores skin’s natural renewing & regenerating properties to your skin’s tone, while it rejuvenates the complexion — taking it on a cellular level, deep into the skin’s layers. It intensifies healing, repair and damaged skin — while boosting renewal and cell functioning. Give your skin a leg-up in rejuvenation and hydration. The soothing ingredients “sing” away irritation and sensitiveness — like a lullaby, leaving you with soft, smooth and healthy skin.

Key Ingredients

  • Gingko Extract — possesses wondrous anti-inflammatory and anti-sensitive properties to help reduce irritation to protect skin against environmental stresses.
  • Sea Fennel Callus Culture Extract — promotes cutaneous healing and repairing while regulating renewal of skin’s horny cell (:0) to tone and rejuvenate complexion.
  • Licorice Extract — is known to soothe dry, irritated skin. It assists tissue repair while preserving skin’s natural luminosity.

I highly recommend b.liv by Cellinique Sensitive Salvation DIY Original Japan Silk Mask! For more information, check out Cellinique’s website!