Pairing my softest sweater with my mom's vintage skirt and spotted pointy-toes created what I can confidently say the epitome of my fun, feminine style. It was love at first sight with this blush pink linen skirt, worn by my mom when she was 23 years old, that has so much body and free movement and pockets. My mom really is my style icon (and role model) so I won't forget how ecstatic I was this past summer when she pulled out her plastic bin of old clothes and passed down two of her linen skirts to me, including this one. It feels amazing to have a real piece of my mom's history in my possession and closet. Combining the rest were happy accidents - I wear my Wildfox sweater every spare minute at home or when I'm too lazy to change so naturally the laziness was a factor in setting up the pair. But it worked to my favor desirably. And randomness trends throughout my days so I put on my favorite flats without looking and voila! A carefree perfection of an outfit that's me in so many ways. Perhaps thoughtlessness can go a long way in finding your look. 

sweater: Wildfox Couture (similar)
skirt: vintage (here on Etsy!)
shoes: Halogen
bag: Stela 9 (similar)
lipstick: MAC 'Retro'
earrings: Tacori