On Sunday I was at Ben's Next Door celebratingmy friend Zaynab's birthday with a huge brunch! It was really the perfect day, and we took a few pics by the murals next to the restaurant. I love Zaynab with all my heart. She is truly like a sister to me--we bicker, we giggle, all that stuff. I only have a few people (like 4) who I can truly call my "best friends." I'm happy that Zaynab is one of them!

On another note...Zaynab's birthday reminded me that I'm getting really close to 30. I can't believe it. In March I'll be 28, and I have so much to do before I turn 30! My 30 Before 30 List is looking more and more difficult to finish. Le sigh...

Blazer ::Zara
Cardigan :: Forever 21(similar)
Houndstooth trousers :: H&M (similar)
Suede heels :: H&M (similar)
Clutch :: Forever 21(similar)

Hair :: Straightened and curled with flat iron