The biker chick is back! And this time with a little edge. I'm so psyched to be able to wear leather jackets again already, and any other jackets for that matter. The weather finally agrees! In a span of three days, it turned from summer, to fall, to winter... yes, I say winter, as the temperature suddenly dropped! Even I wasn't prepared. Had to dig out the old winter clothes from wherever they were and find something to wear. However, these photos were taken yesterday, right before I had my hair done. It was slightly sunny but otherwise wet with humid. I was able to go both covered up and bare legged at the same time. 

On another note, is it just me or do you guys also think that my recent photos are a little messier than usual? Dull colors, blurry, grainy... I mean, I just don't get it, they don't seem right. Is it my computer monitor's resolution, the camera's screen resolution, or is it the camera lens, lighting, background, or is it really the shots themselves that has a problem? I really just don't get it. How do you see these photos from your screen, what do you guys think of the image quality? Sorry to rant, but really do tell, I'd badly want to know.

On me://Dress and Jacket- MPT//Boots and hat from local store//

Other than that, I've nothing else to tell. Oh, and about my hair, I'll try my best to take photos and show you guys soon! Cheers!

-- Photos by Paulo --