Feeling like Little Red! 

Do you have a garment that you’re just dreaming to find? I don’t know about you, but I sure do – several even! A few weeks ago, on a thrifting excursion with my mum, I found one of the items on my ‘list’ – this vintage nurse cape! Three years ago I spotted a nurse cape on eBay. I watched it grow further and further out of my price range – it was so sad! It really was a stroke of luck when we discovered this one in perfect condition for only $11. Something else quite amazing; it was even made here in Christchurch!

The weather is warming up quickly, so I used this colder day to mark it’s début! Naturally, I felt very much like some sort of Red Riding Hood – though it would be quite impossible to not, don’t you think! Luckily, there were no wolves in sight; only my favourite fox. I’ve never been a massive jewellery wearer; but I’ve recently fallen back in love with wearing rings. One of my friends got engaged recently, and I’ve gotten all caught up and even found myself browsing the diamond  variety! I wore my vintage cape ensemble with House of Holland tights courtesy of TightsPlease. I fell completely in love with the print – and they’re a slight nod to Red’s visit to grandma’s house! Now I have my very lusted-after cape, I only have a couple of things left on my ‘need to find’ list! Now, has anyone seen any vintage lederhosen..?

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