TRAIN STATION. I've dreamed of this Look since I was a Sophomore and bought this dress. When we decided to start the "Beyond the ordinary" post series I knew that I should wear this outfit but I hadn't find the right place and scenery. The old train station in Volos seemed to be the perfect backgound that could bring into life my vision about this photoshoot. I was inspired by the old movies, when the young ladies had to say the hard goodbye to their beloved ones, who would live the country to join the army or war.
Tomorrow is the National Anniversary of "NO" that the primeminister of Greece said to the Italian Goverment in 1940, who asked to access and occupy the country. Thousands of young men took the train in order to participate to the amry resistance. So, this post is dedicated to all those young ladies and families who lost their housbands and sons in the war in order for the next generations -including us- to be free in our own country.
Long Live the Nation! :-)

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