If you love to accessorize like I do, then you may already know how important it is to have a great bib necklace in your collection. I love bib necklaces and have taken the time to select my absolute favorite ones just for you!

There are endless styles of bib necklaces out there, in a wide array of price ranges, but they all have one thing in common: they each make an ordinary outfit look amazing!

A great example of this can be seen on the hit TV show Two Broke Girls. The character Caroline Channing (played by Beth Behrs) is a socialite who loses everything after her father is convicted of squandering money in a ponzi scheme. Caroline is kicked out of her luxurious home in NYC and was unable to take any of her possession with her. Luckily, Caroline was wearing a beautiful bib necklace at the time and she wears this amazing necklace everyday to spruce up her wardrobe, which comes in handy because Caroline works as a waitress and has to wear a slightly used mustard colored uniform! Believe it or not, her pearl bib necklace makes her ugly uniform look pretty classy.

That’s the power of accessories. They can take something horrible, like a polyester mustard colored uniform and make it look fashionable and classy. That’s why I love bib necklaces! They are an accessory I simply can’t live without and I highly recommend you add one of these beauties to your fashion arsenal!

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